From Our Youth

“I was able to get my community services hours, volunteer hours, as well as small business experience. The trade show downtown was a real experience... I definitely want to start my own small business one day.” - CJ

“Kenroy treats us nicely… he takes us to games, feeds us... we laugh, make jokes, it’s fun times and no stress… just pure fun…  I’m loving the vibes…” - B 

“My brother and I look forward to the games, we meet new friends, and it’s like a family that we never had before…” - K

“This was the best time of my life. I had never traveled on the train or even gone downtown Toronto before.” - R

“My first time to the Air Canada Center was so cool, I will never forget that experience.” - S

“ I got a bed with mattress and furniture for my room, a coffee maker, and kitchen supplies… there is no way I could buy all of that on minimum wage. Thank you guys... you made my dream come true.” - D          

From Their Parents

“We see a difference in our children’s attitude towards school because we have been able to use those outings as an incentive for academic performance.”  - T

"As new immigrants, our children were given the opportunity to build good relationships with other young people in the community…” - M

“My sons were so excited, we went to the game as a family and it was not only a treat, but it also transformed our way of socializing.  Now we save money and at least try to go out as a family once a month… thank you Kenroy. You are a blessing to the community.”  - JB  


From Our Mentors

“It’s good to give back to the younger generation.  I enjoy spending time with them as we learn from each other. Most importantly, I am able to instill a sense of purpose and hope in the young people that we work with.  I am in awe when I see how hard some of the youth work hard to overcome some of their complex issues, and yet how successful they can be.” M    


"I look forward to coming to the project in the morning. I feel good know I am providing support to others and passing along all of the lifeskills I am able to." - J